Willa C. Gaitanis


A life-long learner and having worked in both the private and Federal sectors, Willa C. Gaitanis is a professional coach and trainer with a background in foreign cultures, language, and human development.  Her last employment prior to starting her second business, First Frontier Consulting, LLC, was with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center where she established two major programs that spread Agency-wide, Goddard’s Internal Coaching Program and The Executive Transition Program.  At the same time, she also served as a member the Agency’s Strategy Team on Coaching, and as the Project Coach for The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Project that found water-ice on the moon.


Having had a wide-ranging career, Willa believes that it is not what you do as much as being clear about what matters to you and then partnering to create a successful future.  With a specialty in transitions and change, she brings new insights and success to her clients whether they are moving from one job to another, changing companies, becoming a first time supervisor or manager, or looking at a new phase of life.


Willa is a somatic coach certified by the Strozzi Institute as well as an ontological coach certified at the Professional level by ICF.  She is certified by the Ken Blanchard Company, in Barrett’s Cultural Transformational Tools, and in Results Partner’s Strategic Start.  Her clients are able to take advantage of not only Willa’s broad experience base but also her in-depth knowledge and understanding of adult and organization development.  In so doing, Willa’s clients triumph over long-standing business challenges while bringing more happiness and fulfillment into their lives.  Willa’s passion outside of her coaching profession is fly-fishing where she earned the title “Rainbow Woman” from her fellow fisherman, a title that fits her, both inside and outside of her professional career.






On the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), Willa served as Project Coach, … helped organize, facilitate, and follow-up on five organizational retreats, … and also provided project management with leadership and management consultation on key team and personnel issues. As proven by LRO’s phenomenal success, we had the right chemistry and expertise… Although there is not a direct link or metric to point to in any official project document, it is my belief that without Willa’s expertise and time, LRO would not have been as successful as it was.


- Catherine Peddie, Deputy Project Manager, LRO, NASA


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