I would recommend John to anyone with a true desire to improve their leadership knowledge, capabilities and performance. He was an excellent coach for me.   

- Paul Kinscherff, President, The Boeing Company Middle East

John hasn't changed my life – I still have the same job, same spouse, same house, etc. What he has done is provide a structured, caring, empathetic, compassionate and affirmative coaching system which allowed me to change the way I view, organize and direct my life, and the story I tell myself and others about my life. Well, come to think of it, John enabled me to change my own life!   

- Jim Kelly, Business Executive, CHP International

I just wanted to update you on the project you coached me to create, structure and to fulfill – and to thank you profusely... Every coaching session left me feeling empowered, clearer in purpose, and that much closer to the results I wanted to produce.   

- Holly Kahan, President, HBH Agency, Ltd.

I would not hesitate to recommend John to any executives who could benefit from coaching or to any corporations or organizations who are interested in bettering their corporate culture or the efficacy of their executives.   

- Gordon Stein, VP/GM Small & Medium Business, Rogers Communications Inc.

I found the coaching conversations with John insightful, profound and respectful. They nicely tied together, building on each other to help me balance and progress a number of themes… These conversations throughout the year helped me develop a more aware Observer of my cares, my choices and my practices of responsibility. I value John’s support dearly and he remains a good friend and colleague.

- Alejandra Solano Garcia Rojas, Director of Strategic Talent, Deloitte

I cannot say enough positive things about our work together over the last year and a half. Your coaching and guidance have helped me discover invaluable tools for rational decision making, effective communication practices, team building, self-awareness and self-management.   

- John Hartline, Vice President of Operations, Elgin Dairy Company



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