What got you here won’t get you there. - Marshall Goldsmith  

Team Development


Many of us need more experience, guidance and expertise to work well as members of a team. We tend to bring old mindsets and habits that aren’t suited to the current situation.


Coaching, along with education and facilitation, develops new knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Teaming is possible.


The results can be highly productive, deeply satisfying and inspiring. Getting the job done and enhancing the working relationships at the same time. To learn how to team well, it takes leadership, critical conversations and practice.


What are those conversations?

They include team commitments to produce shared:

  • Promise, mission and vision;

  • Ownership of the promise;

  • Coordination of actions for the fulfilling the team’s mission;

  • Development and restoration of trust; and

  • Development of practices to plan, navigate, recover from breakdowns, innovate and learn.


We provide our clients with a perspective and process for how to succeed. We model a reliable methodology that can inform their choices and actions. You can engage safely, learn fast, fail fast and grow resiliently. You become able to coordinate well and perform accountably. 


JBL&A builds teams that work.


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