Evaluation: Stakeholder Satisfaction and Engagement Results

A five-part series designed, developed and delivered by John B. Lazar. This series will be offered again in 2016. 


In this series clients, coaches and consultants will examine issues and key principles of evaluation, ones that pertain to every change effort, including those from coaching. We will discuss, explore, and understand two different evaluation models and their relevance for coaching situations.


Whenever a change agent works to foster changes, whether it is learning, behavior/mindset change, performance improvement, and/or business impact, any interested stakeholder should be asking, “What happened?”, “Was it successful?”, and even, “Was it worth the investment?” These are evaluation questions. Answers to these questions provide leaders with needed data to inform and make decisions. It is critical to anticipate these concerns and design ways to answer them. Such answers can complement and support the claims made about the results produced and the relative effectiveness in doing so.


Session Topics:

Session 1: Principles and Issues in Evaluation

Learn about the key principles and critical issues in conducting valid, reliable evaluation

 of learning interventions. Find out how these translate into evaluation design considerations. 

Session 2: Two Evaluation Models

Learn about the Phillips’ ROI Methodology and the Brinkerhoff Success Case Method.

Find out when each of these can be most appropriately used and what the key steps are

to conduct them correctly.

Session 3: Evaluating Behavior Changes

Find out about the steps to take to evaluate the behavior changes associated with a learning

intervention. See the choices to make about how to conduct this Level 3 evaluation.

Session 4: Evaluating Business Impact

Learn about the steps to evaluate the business impact associated with a learning

intervention and the related behavior changes. See what choices you can make for

different ways to conduct this Level 4 evaluation.

Session 5: Evaluating the ROI of Your Intervention

Find out about how to conduct an ROI study to determine the end impact of a learning

intervention and the related behavior changes and business impact. See what decisions

you can make of when to conduct an ROI study and other considerations to anticipate.


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