Designing the Future - The Leader in Us

We are all leaders.

It doesn’t matter if we are in a position of authority. When we choose a different path rather than 'business as usual', we are leading in our life and potentially leading others. Here are a couple of examples I think may help il lustrate this concept.

The Multinational CEO

I work with a CEO of a multinational company who was leading his company through the challenges of being divested by their holding company. He is now looking for a new, qualified investor. He has tasked each member of his leadership team to revise their contribution to the five-year plan. They are reviewing and revising strategic initiatives, given their uncertain future. His leadership role is to orient and position his organization towards an anticipated future. To support them, I coached the CEO to (a) implement a communications plan to keep employees apprised of progress on the changing organizational situation, and (b) to conduct scenario planning to identify mission-critical issues and anticipate likely responses in advance. These recommendations are leadership expressions, intended to facilitate a smooth transition, regardless of the circumstance.

The Business Consultant

A colleague of mine is a business consultant who has run her successful practice for more than 30 years. One of her passions is professional certification. As an active member in a professional society (ISPI), she recognized an important benefit that was missing in the society’s offerings. It had no process to credential and certify a qualified performance technologist for their competence as a change agent. She persuaded the society decision makers to see this as a value-added benefit. Since then she has led the way to establish the methodology and the accompanying credential to demonstrate professional competence.

We are always acting to create our future.

Through the courage to make and implement our decisions, we chart the course for our lives. Can you recognize your opportunities to move ahead on your path?

What are some actions to take? Anything worth doing will require a plan with small, achievable steps. Let’s map it out:

  • Persisting and staying connected to our vision and passion.

  • Inviting others on our journey.

  • Being resilient against the inevitable failures along the way.

  • Adapting to stay the course.

  • Learning from everything.

  • Celebrating our successes along the way and through the finish line.

For my client and my colleague, they saw the future they wanted to make happen, took a stand for their plans and continue to take steps to make that future a reality. Along the way, they have enlisted the commitment and coordinated action of others who have aligned with their vision. This narrative can be all of ours.

Leadership is expressed in the new destination we declare,

the context we set and the actions we take to realize that future. We can be the author, designer and artist – the visionary leader – of our lives when we choose to be. Think about your experience as a leader. What future are you standing for? Is it uniquely yours or is it also relevant to others? What conversations can you have that will move you forward?

Join us for a discussion on the inner leader in each of us.

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