Richard Hartmann


Richard Hartmann is an executive/leadership coach, performance consultant and culture change facilitator.  He has worked in Australia, the US and the UK, across energy, financial services and large scale infrastructure.  For over twenty-five years, Richard has enhanced the performance of executives and senior leaders, facilitated cultural and organization change, and developed high-performing teams.  He is experienced and skilled in bringing an Ontological approach and findings from Neuroscience to coaching leaders in both seeing new possibilities and keeping a practical focus on accomplishing results.


Working with an international training firm, Richard has facilitated, developed and coached over a thousand participants in both small and large groups in communication, teamwork, leadership and personal effectiveness.  He has worked with a number of organizations including  Parsons, ABN-AMRO Bank, ANZ Bank, Comerica Bank, BP, Conoco, KBR, Ampolex, Ameritech, Wyeth Pharmaceutical (now Pfizer), State Farm Financial Services and Wilson Sporting Goods.  For ten years, Richard was a volunteer mentor and coach with the global Menttium 100 program for women in middle management in a number of Fortune 1000 organizations.


Richard continuously expands his skills by learning and incorporating new developments and approaches in both people and organization effectiveness.  He is currently learning with the Cultural Architecture Institute and the Institute for Generative leadership.  He has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Cultural Anthropology and Psychology from the University of Adelaide, Australia and also completed graduate study in Adult Learning at the University of South Australia.  He lives in the Chicago area.

Richard brought a direct, down to earth approach, and a light touch which had people willingly addressing even the challenging issues. The results produced were a significant success and top reviews. Richard's ability to drive change against complex challenges has him stand out against competitors that play in the same space. He is particularly insightful as a coach for the C-suite, allowing them to see the path to change as their idea rather than forced upon them.


- Tracey Wik, VP Development Solutions, The Chally Group Worldwide


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