The way you state your problem frames your decision. Posing the right problem drives everything else.        

- John Hammond, Ralph Keeney and Howard Raiffa

Performance Consulting

People, systems, processes, structures, strategy, culture, and more must come together in an aligned, coordinated way for an organization to perform, thrive and succeed. Diagnosing the reasons behind the symptoms of poor performance leads to identification of targeted, cost-effective solutions. These can reduce waste, improve performance and results, and build stronger working relationships.


Often organizations are dissatisfied with their current performance. They want better. JBL&A is committed to quickly gathering and analyzing the relevant data. We will make recommendations, agree on solutions, then co-design for successful implementation. Whether facilitation, training, redesign or more complex, blended solutions, we provide value-added expertise.


What are your performance problems?  We deliver solutions.

  • Senior leadership team doesn’t work well together –


  • Leadership ineffective or inconsistent –


  • Management inconsistent or counterproductive –


  • Meetings waste time and are unproductive –


  • Desired performance interfered with or unsupported –


  • Enable alignment, enhance leadership of the team leader;


  • Educate and coach to enhance your leadership practices;


  • Train and coach to develop your management practices;


  • Develop your capability to run focused, effective meetings and follow up;


  • Align the work environment to support performance.

JBL&A accelerates change and delivers solutions that stick.


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