Dr. Michael Cassatly


Michael is Board Certified in Executive Business & Leadership Coaching and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. He is frequently asked, “After a successful 25 year surgical career, why did you decide on coaching?” The answer is simple. He cares deeply about supporting people to maximize their potential, whether as business leaders, or as patients. Entrepreneurship and nurturing businesses are integral components of his DNA. Partnering with people to support them in being successful as business leaders gives him the same satisfaction and reward as helping his patients. Recognizing the importance of academics in medical training, Michael enrolled in one of the premier academic based coaching schools, Columbia University in New York City.


When he first transitioned from surgery to Executive Business and Leadership Coaching, he leveraged his surgical career to quickly become a recognized expert on the successful application of Executive Business and Leadership Coaching in Healthcare. He is published in the Journal of Medical Practice Management, International Journal of Coaching in Organization, The Hospitalist, AAOMS Practice Management Notes and Coaching World. Michael has been cited in Becker’s Hospital Review, Physician’s Practice, Executive Insight on Healthcare and Becker’s ASC. 


As his coaching and leadership expertise became known, Michael was asked to partner with leaders in business sectors other than healthcare. Now, Michael works to maximize the success of leaders in all business sectors, such as global manufacturing, biopharma, venture capital and global technology.


When not working, Michael enjoys exercising, fishing, reading, hiking and gardening. His wife and two daughters enjoy a bountiful supply of fresh organic fruit from his pineapple plants and citrus and mango trees on their property.

Dr. Michael Cassatly has been my executive coach for the past 18 months. During that time I have found Michael’s style and content to be very effective in challenging me and enabling my growth as a person and leader.  He has vastly improved my self-awareness enabling me to better understand where I am proficient and where my opportunities to grow exist in order to reach my full potential.


- Daniel J. Schroeder, Vice President Sales, Tyco Integrated Security


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