Kim Frerichs


Kim Frerichs dedicates her work to strengthening leaders, teams and organizations, improving individual and collective readiness for the complexities of today’s challenges.  Whether coaching executives, facilitating team building and strategic planning retreats or training managers and teams in leadership skills, Kim has been privileged to see clients stretch into new capacities for awareness, agility, collaboration and impact.

Strengths & Specialties

  • Executive coaching and leadership development

  • Navigating change and stakeholder conflicts

  • Building high trust, high functioning teams

  • Individual and organizational resilience

  • Strategy, complexity and emergence


Kim’s depth of listening, breadth of perspective and strategic, whole-systems thinking is grounded in over 4000 coaching hours and work with a global set of clients from multiple sectors, industries and disciplines.  Kim’s facility with the human side of change and innovation draws upon years of engagement with cutting-edge leadership development programs as well as personal experience leading company-wide change initiatives while a leader at Boeing. Kim is also known for her ability to help leaders overcome organizational divides to solve challenging problems more collaboratively, integrating their respective areas of intelligence and responsibility to find new ways forward.  

Kim has been privileged to contribute to the success of a broad range of organizations, a sample of which include: The National Park Service, Verizon, Microsoft, SAP, Sound Transit, Alberta Energy Regulator, 3D Corporate Solutions, Biomimicry Institute, City of Snoqualmie, Campion Foundation, Care Oregon, Evergreen Hospital, Lilly, NASA, The National Ability Center, PATH, US Navy, Willamette University and Zumiez.

What’s it like to work with Kim? A delight. Her deep listening, empathy and genuine skill in reflecting back, offering counterpoints and insights, was remarkable. And it was always salted with chuckling humor, irony

and ‘wows’ of perspective without ‘intellectualisms', teaching-at, or obscurity. Her ability to … offer a gentle turning of perspective, without judgement, made difficult conversations fun, bringing a growth in development and personal enlargement of skills. Even in the most challenging times, I was amazed to have her constructive perspective. 'Unbetrayed trust' is what I’d say too, because I don’t talk to my friends, spouse or colleagues about the things I can talk about with Kim.  


- David Ford, Former [retired] CEO and President, CareOregon, an HMO


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