Joe Slatter

Founder, Consultant, Team Whisperer, Designer and World-Class Speaker

Joe is the Founder and a Principal Consultant with Better Practice. His mission is to help individuals and organizations accelerate how they improve and collaborate to create more value. Joe has a history of success inspiring groups and organizations to create more value through the application of design thinking to team and organization design, leadership, collaboration and process design.


Joe is passionate about helping individuals, teams and organizations of all kinds achieve and maintain high performance through collaboration and sustainable, continuous improvement. His practical and personable style inspires people to activate their best self and collaborate to drive growth.


Joe founded Better Practice with the belief that organizations and teams can improve their performance by establishing a common sense and listening to each other. A musician at heart, his upbringing and work over the past thirty years across countries, languages, cultures and industries has instilled a deep appreciation for the power of perspective and collaboration. Joe created Better Practice™ to help others quickly learn and apply the lessons he has learned over time. He lives in Colorado and supports projects, engagements and teams around the world. Joe orders his three most important roles as: 1. Parent 2. Teacher 3. Barista.





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