JBL&A Podcasts

Leadership and Self-Actualization through Peace-building

August 2017

A conversation between John B. Lazar, CEO JBL&A and Dr. Wendy Sternberg, Founder and Executive Director, Genesis at the Crossroads, Chicago, Illinois


A JBL&A podcast by John Lazar with Wendy Sternberg. They discuss the life events and realizations that shifted her life from medicine to peace-building, the vision of Genesis at the Crossroads as an interdisciplinary discourse about education, peace-building and leadership; the challenges that have accelerated her personal and professional development and her lessons learned that can inform every listener.The conversation is provocative and inspirational. Genesis at the Crossroads celebrated its 18th anniversary in August 2017 as well as has  successfully completed the third Genesis Academy Summer Institute for young international leaders.

Building Leadership and Trust – A Healthcare conversation

May 2017

A conversation between John B. Lazar, Principal JBL&A and Daniela Robu, Alberta Heath Services (AHS) of Calgary, Canada


A JBL&A podcast interview by John Lazar with Daniela Robu about her seminal work in designing and leading the Alberta Health Services (AHS) Collaborative Demonstration Project.  This pilot was developed to determine the feasibility of a new electronic platform for AHS knowledge workers. We discuss the leadership challenges in producing engagement, trust and execution on this project. She shares her background, explains how she structured and ran the project, and declares her aspirations for the legacy she wants to leave for the community and industry. Daniela Robu is the Director of Knowledge Management Infrastructure at Alberta Health Services in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.





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