Leadership… means obvious and wholehearted commitment to helping followers.

- Admiral James B. Stockdale  

Leadership/Executive Coaching

Executives and managers need to up their game to contend with the increased complexity and velocity of business life. Leaders must orchestrate aligned and effective organizations. As executive coaches, JBL&A supports our clients by accelerating their learning and performance to develop powerful new practices, habits and results.


The impact is improved working relationships, better performance and accountable workplaces. Managers and executives expand their capabilities, enabling their teams to be effective and their companies to be agile and to grow.


What are the positive changes available to leaders?

  • Improving management fundamentals;

  • Eliminating barriers to performance;

  • Generating and managing moods that enable high performance;

  • Executing well on strategy and projects;

  • Developing interpersonal effectiveness and collaboration; and

  • Providing a safe psychological space to work well, take reasonable risks and engage.


When we expand and hone leadership competencies, this focus might include:

  • Setting the direction, vision and inspiring rationale for playing;

  • Creating an engaged, high-performing culture; and

  • Developing one’s people.


You bring the ambition, practice, patience and persistence. We provide the coaching, education and feedback.

JBL&A develops leaders who engage others and deliver on commitments.


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