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The Customer-Performer Relationship

October 2017

Delivered by John B. Lazar

Webinar for CTI Master Minds Series


We are all familiar with the roles of ‘customer’ and ‘performer.’ We play these roles in many situations, including at work. Consider that organizations are networks of commitments and the unit of measurement is the promise (commitment), not the task. When we do our work we are fulfilling promises to someone, some customer for our output. When we are managing others and delegating deliverables to them, they are performing and producing outputs for us, their customer. The nature of the customer-performer relationship and the centrality of speech acts of request/offer/promise are key distinctions for us (as coaches) to observe, assess and coach.


Many of the breakdowns of execution can be related to the insufficiency of these conversations and how they are handled (or not). Connect the dots between these situations and how trust is enabled or damaged.

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The Customer-Performer Relationship


Multiple Root Causes and Blended Solutions: Two Case Studies and Lessons Learned

September 2017

Presented by John B. Lazar, Edy Greenblatt and Daniela Robu

Pre-conference workshop for ISPI-EMEA conference, Bologna, Italy


Given real client performance gaps, change agents too frequently accept that a client’s requested intervention is what’s actually and only needed. Often, however, needs assessment and root cause analysis reveal a more complex problem requiring a better integrated, multi-disciplinary approach that could extend over the entire life cycle of the intervention. are integrated interventions that may combine coaching, education/training, psycho-physical exercises and consulting. They can potentially provide more effective, lasting performance improvements than the more commonly used single-pronged or sequential approaches.


Three experienced practitioners share the design processes and impact of several successful North American client engagements that used a blended approach. Participants discuss this approach and practice applying it to one of their own client challenges.


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Modeling HPT: Diagnostic and Prescriptive Power

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