Contracting for Alignment and Success

A five-part series designed, developed and delivered by John B. Lazar.

This series will be offered again in 2016.

Consider this:

A prospective client and a consultant/coach have discussed a business problem and a path of change work to address it. They have determined that:

  • A change needs to occur to remedy some or all of a business need;

  • There is a logic of and perceived value for the services offered;

  • Success can be defined or described in observable terms; and

  • They can work together in a trustworthy manner.

Now it’s time to draft a contract.

In this webinar series, stakeholders (coaches, consultants and client organization representatives) will discover and apply the key principles of effective contracting. You will identify the perspectives and distinctions that can enable deep listening, powerful questions, and authentic agreements about the shared future. You will get models, tools and templates to use for successful contracting.


Session Topics:

Session 1: Principles of Contracting

To successfully write contracts for coaching/consulting work there are a number of principles that should be followed. Learn about these and how to apply them effectively.


Session 2: Contracting between Provider and Purchaser

In developing a contract each stakeholder has concerns that need to be acknowledged and effectively addressed.  You will learn how to identify the relevant issues worth discussing, approaches to listen for the other’s concerns and how to take care of them.


Session 3: Contracting for Alignment between Client and Client’s Manager 

Contracting for coaching needs to assure alignment between client and client’s manager. Learn about what conversations must be held to increase the odds of success and how to facilitate them.


 Session 4: Addressing Changes in Scope and Focus

Changes in the focus and/or the scope of the work often occur. Whether initiated by the client organization or change agent, what do you do when things need to change? Find out about how to have conversations that acknowledge changes, decide whether or not to accommodate them and how to revise statements of work accordingly.


Session 5: Addressing Measures of Intervention Success

A contracting issue often overlooked is the inclusion of measures to evaluate the success of the intervention. Learn how to have conversations that will include evaluation as an integral facet of the intervention process.

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